Why I Won't Be Buying the Glorious Canon Eos R5

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The highly anticipated Eos R5 is the mirrorless flagship unicorn we have all been waiting for from Canon. It's equipped with groundbreaking features like 8k in-camera RAW recording with its full sensor to the in-body image stabilization (ibis) which works in tandem with the optical stabilization tech in the new RF lens line.

That's some drool-worthy stabilization from a Canon system and just one of the many reasons the photography community is going crazy with lust.

Close up look at the Eos R5

Hold up - 8K INTERNAL??

Yes. Ohhhh yes. The non-cropped internal 8K video capabilities are out of this world - and it's got people hooked. Capable of recording up to 29.97fps in 4:2:2 10-bit in Canon log and 4K up to 119.88fps in 4:2:2 10-bit in Canon log.

These are some pretty sought after features for intermediate and professionals across the web and consumers seem to agree that they are ready for it. But is the average consumer really equipped to handle the storage necessary for the 8k, or even the 4k files?

This camera is going to pump out some HEAVY & POWERFUL files. So heavy that I'm worried my current setup won't be able to handle the power and to be honest, I love my current setup. It works flawlessly right now!

Speaking of storage...

Another feature that made it to the R5 is dual card slots. Most photographers were pretty bummed with the single slot on the Eos R and it's nice to see that Canon recognized that. Rumors were recently confirmed about being able to use one SD UHS-II and one CFExpress card. How data is saved is still a bit unclear (Save video and photos on both cards at the same time?), but to be honest, the single slot was never a deal-breaker for me.

No more touch bar!

Something that really sticks out on this new Eos R5 body is the lack of a touch bar. That same touch bar that everyone complained about when the Eos R was finally put into practice. I have to admit, I thought the touch bar was a decent idea right up to the moment it was in my hands. It had very few options for use and even fewer customizations to all of those options. I'm just happy to see the joystick is back. I do believe Canon is on to something with that touch bar - maybe more of future lens feature? But even then, that's more of an ergonomic improvement in my eyes. Who knows maybe we're just not quite ready for it yet. Just like I'm not ready for this camera.

So you do want this camera then?

The obvious answer is ABSOLUTELY. Can you imagine having this kind of power at your fingertips? This body is glorious and is exactly what a run and gun photographer or videographer would want out of a camera.

Unfortunately - it's just not the right fit for me right now.

My weekly shoots are mainly focused around Real Estate, Architecture, and just a few portrait sessions. These are areas where I make most of my income.

I'd love to shoot 8k at some point or have a body with ibis. Truth is that I barely shoot 4k right now and having all of those extra capabilities isn't going to grow my business or make me better at my craft. Yes, I know I'd look really cool and relevant shooting the Eos r5 but that is not a good enough reason to upgrade right now. I really do love everything Canon is doing with this new model. I know I'll be the proud owner of an r5 someday, most likely when a Mark II is released. But that day is not on my horizon just yet. I'll never be ready to upgrade my body for street cred. Instead, the gameplan is to grow the RF lens collection and hop on that flagship unicorn when all the kinks are straightened out.

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