I’m Getting Rid Of All My Traveling Gear And This Is Why…

You read that right. I just got rid of everything. I donated my old backpack. I threw away my torn up hiking boots and my old off brand sham-wow that I used to use as a towel. I got rid of all my shirts, pants, socks, EVERYTHING and the crazy thing is — I still plan traveling like it was going out of stylre this year!

Why get rid of all my travel gear you ask? Well, to put it simply: I want to be light again. I’ve been traveling way to heavy and I didn’t realize how seriously it was limiting me.mIt was also causing me to spend hundreds of extra money on checked bags per year! Money that I should have been spending on more 99 Flakes, skydiving over the pacific, train tickets, ceviche – basically everything that keeps me motivated to travel. Food, Adventure and Fun.

In the middle of 2017 (After my visit to Ireland) I decided I really needed to step up my pack game. I’ve been using a High Peak Kathmandu for over 6 years and aside from your normal wear and tear, I haven’t had any major issues. It’s not top of the line or anything and was pretty heavy but it worked just fine. It is a top loader pack, had plenty of space, came with a rain cover and was really good to me over the years. But it is huge! I have to check it in everywhere and for most of my upcoming travels, it just is not practical. I want what is going to take me to the next level. For me that means working on lowering my carrying weight as much as possible.

This is why I am getting rid of the Kathmandu, my old North Face Boots, my old toiletry bag. Everything. I am donating anything that is donatable, selling anything that still has value and throwing out anything that is torn, useless or smelly. Its time for a travel gear rebirth into a minimalist travel style and I want to show you throughout this coming year how this will take me (and possibly you) to the next level!

My trips vary anywhere between domestic 4 day weekend trips to  14+ day international trips. This means that I will be aiming at a target traveling weight of 25lbs or less before adding my camera gear. I would consider this weight to be in the Lightweight category. Any more weight and a hike around Humantay Lake could turn into more of a chore than the thrilling adventure I’m looking for.

Obviously I would like to be as light as a feather and be able to jump and run and do backflips on demand but after hike testing different weights I can say that for me, at 25lbs I don’t feel limited in any way on distance tests. Except for the backflips, I couldn’t do those with 0lbs on my back. A few more pounds doesn’t affect me too negatively, but lighter is the goal. Always be light!

With that being said, most of my future travels won’t be long through-hikes and I’ll always have access to food and shelter. This means I won’t have to carry cooking supplies, stoves, sleeping gear, a tent and other through-hike items that tend to add up in weight. I promise to cover all of those items another time when I take my next long extended hike!

Lookout for reviews and info on all of the newest and best gear out!






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