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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

POP /päp/ (noun)

What I strive for in all of my creative content.

1. “We make everything POP “

2. “Wow, that picture is POP’n”

POP (Abbr) for:

Pablo Ortega Photography (Nice ring to it, eh?)


Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my Facebook page! My name is Pablo and I am the Creative Director behind Pablo Ortega Photo! Quick bio: I was born in the beautiful mountainside town of Cuenca in Ecuador. My family and I moved to Lake Orion, Michigan where I spent most of my teens and early 20's hiking and working on having a better understanding of creative visual story telling. I've been in the Manatee county area since 2016 shooting weddings, high end real estate, portraits and head-shots - and even had the opportunity to shoot a magazine cover (Thank you Manatee Chamber of Commerce)!

During the past few years of photographing events and products in Michigan and Florida I've had the gracious opportunity to wake up every morning, put my best foot forward and dive straight into my main passion - Creating visual arts. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, over 180k photos snapped and edited, and hundreds of hours of post processing films, I have fine tuned my skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality photography and videography for all of your personal and business needs.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any photography, videography or marketing questions at any time - Shots@PabloOrtegaPhoto.com

I will absolutely travel for your shoot. Call me to chat more.

See some behind the scenes and check out our latest work on Instagram, @PabloOrtegaPhoto

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